Town Notice

Mine Status Update

July 3, 2018

               Northern Sands Wisconsin has remitted the fees requested by the Board to cover the cost of professional services to review the application NSW has submitted for a nonmetallic mining license.


-          The Town has retained legal services and is in the process of retaining services from an engineering firm to provide a detailed review of the proposed project for the Town and its residents.


-          The process the Town will undertake during its review of this application includes a number of steps, including a public meeting to which all of the following apply: 

o   The public meeting will be held after review by the Town’s engineering firm is complete, so that a report can be provided to attendees. 


o   Public notice of this meeting will be provided at least 15 days in advance of the meeting and will be mailed to all property owners of property within ½ mile of the proposed project site.


o    Representatives of Northern Sands Wisconsin will be given the opportunity to provide information about the proposed project.


o   Residents and other members of the public will be provided opportunity to comment on the proposed project.


-          The Town Board will not make a decision on this application until all of this information is received and considered.