Town Notice

Town Board Meeting

November 13, 2018


Regular Monthly

Meeting of the

Town of Howard

Chippewa County, Wisconsin

will be held on

Tuesday November 13, 2018

8:00 p.m.

 At the Howard Town Hall


  1. 1.     Roll Call
  2. 2.     Minutes of previous meeting
  3. 3.     Auditing of bills for payment
  4. 4.     Parking in Town Right of Way in Front of Albertville Tavern
  5. 5.     Building Inspector Contract for 2019
  6. 6.     Set Budget Hearing and Special Town Meeting Date
  7. 7.     Prepare Budget
  8. 8.     Communications received that may require action
  9. 9.     Public Comment- advisory only
  10. 10.         Set Agenda for December
  11. 11.         Closed session to discuss matters related to the application for a nonmetallic mine operator’s license, submitted by NSW LLC, many aspects for which give rise to the need for deliberations and negotiations related to competitive or bargaining considerations, and to receive advice from counsel concerning strategy with respect to aspects of the application process that are likely to result in litigation. The board is authorized to go into closed session fro they reasons under Wis. Stat. Sec. 19.85  (e) and (g)
  12. 12.         Adjournment

Susan Haake, Clerk

Members of the Town Board or of the Plan Commission, or any other Town committee, who are not members of the body whose meeting agenda is published in this notice, are entitled, as any other citizen of the Town of Howard, to attend this meeting in an unofficial capacity.  It is possible the attendance of one or more non-members may create a quorum of the membership of another body.  Such a quorum is unintended and the nonmembers are not meeting for the purpose of exercising the powers or duties attendant upon their membership on any Town commission, committee or board


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Susan Haake, Clerk